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Our Story

Missoula has long discussed the idea of a safe, year-round center where diverse, active recreational and social opportunities can connect people of all backgrounds. A flexible, multi-use space to support healthy lifestyles in an equitable, multigenerational, and inclusive atmosphere. Space for all ages, incomes, and ability levels. Growing a stronger community.


In the year 2000 the idea of a center for Missoula became a formal part of the community lexicon. The city-wide Celebrate 2000 forums identified a community center as one of three visionary projects.  Seed money from Celebrate 2000 led to the formation of a citizens group to collaborate with Parks and Recreation. A community center was included in the McCormick Park Master Plan after extensive community input. That led to the development of the Currents Aquatics Center as Phase I of a community center for Missoula.

The opportunity to fully realize a concept that first crystalized two decades ago has now landed on our collective doorstep.  With an ever expanding community, the need has only become greater. The citizens working group from 2000 grew to become the Friends of the Missoula Community Center.  The "Friends" group has now matured into a volunteer public foundation with the purpose of soliciting and receiving philanthropic funding to ensure that Missoula's Center for Recreation and Creativity can realize its full potential.

Please see Engage Missoula (2021 conceptual design) for more information about the Center.

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