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Our Work


~ Working to Build "A Place for Us"  

Successful community projects are all about action and buy-in. The Converge Foundation is raising funds to conduct the work necessary to advance and sustain the effort to establish a Center for Recreation and Creativity. Please consider making a donation today.​

We continue:

  • to inform and engage constituents and leadership in collaboration with Missoula Parks and Recreation

  • to advance community support and funding

  • to support all activities and processes needed to move the Center for Recreation and Creativity project forward

~ Gearing Up for a Capital Campaign

The Converge Foundation is laying the groundwork for a 2024 campaign to solicit and receive philanthropic funding to support programs for a Center for Recreation and Creativity (CCRC). The full public campaign will embark in late 2024 should the City of Missoula go forward with funding to construct the CCRC. Please see the following website for details on this project:

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